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What business services does Webster City Economic Development offer?

For expanding, relocating or growing companies, Webster City Economic Development offers site selection assistance, research and data, financing assistance and more.  We can also help new entrepreneurs connect to business development resources.  Learn more about what we can offer here.


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Where can I find a list available buildings in Webster City, Iowa?

Webster City Economic Development utilizes the Location One Information System (LOIS) to list available buildings.  If you are conducting a site search, LOIS can be used to view available buildings in Webster City, the State of Iowa, and throughout the country.  You can access LOIS to view available buildings from our Available Building and Sites section.

Where can I find a list of available industrial and commercial sites in Webster City, Iowa?

Webster City Economic Development utilizes the Location One Information System (LOIS) to list available commercial and industrials sites, especially those that have infrastructure in place (shovel ready). If you are conducting a site search, LOIS can be used to view sites in Webster City, the State of Iowa, and throughout the country.  You can access LOIS to view available sites from our Available Buildings and Sites section.

What are your workforce and population education levels?  How large is your workforce?

Visit our Data and Demographics page to learn more about Webster City by the numbers.



 Development Ready Sites


Webster City has development ready parcels, including this 3.86 acre lot in its Southeast Industrial Park. Read More



Does Webster City offer incentives to attract economic development projects?

Yes.  Webster City can offer local financial incentives and tax credit programs depending on the type of project, number of jobs created, and average wages.  Webster City will also work with companies to help them apply for State incentives, as well as leverage other project financing and incentives programs.  Visit our Incentives and Financing page for more information.

What kind of financing is available for my business relocation or expansion?

Visit our Incentives and Financing page to learn more about available incentives, such as grants, loans, tax credits, and guarantees.  Incentives are based on the type of project, project investment, number of jobs, and average wages. 

What parks, green spaces or recreation are available in Webster City?

Webster City has eleven parks, over seven miles of trails, a recreation center, three public golf courses, both indoor and outdoor pools and a host of outdoor recreation opportunities that take advantage of our natural beauty.  You can learn about Webster City at our Recreation page.





5-10-15 Mile Radius Retail Potential

2013 Hamilton County Retail Report




Are there Foreign Trade Zones (FTZs) in or around Webster City?

Yes.  FTZ #107 is located about 80 miles south of Webster City near Des Moines and utilizing the alternative site framework recently approved, a business in Webster City can be set up fairly easily as a subzone.

How big is Webster City's fire department?  What about the Police Department?

Webster City is served by 5 full time fire fighters and more than 20 volunteers that keep homes and businesses safe, and insurance rates low.  The City recently acquired a "quint" fire fighting apparatus in 2012 to expand our service capabilities.  The City employs 13 full time police officers with at least two on duty at all times.  Ambulance services are centralized and provided through Van Diest Medical Center, the City's critical access hospital.  Because of the City's focus on safety, it holds an insurance rating of 5.

How far is Webster City from the Interstate?

From Highway 20, a four lane highway that runs through south Webster City, Interstate 35 is approximately 10 minutes east.  Interstate 90 is about 90 minutes north and Interstate 80 is about 70 minutes south.  Interstate 35 will connect you to cities like Minneapolis, Des Moines, and Kansas City.  I-90 and I-80 connect to major hubs like Rochester, Chicago, Cleveland, Omaha and New York.  Learn more about our access to markets here or look at maps of our area here.

Where can I find resources to help me find a job in Webster City?

You can visit our Job Search Resources page for tools that will assist you in your local job search.  Additionally, you may wish to visit our Professional Development and Training page for a listing of upcoming education opportunities.

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