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Learning for Life

Education excellence is important in Webster City.  So is the early development of children pre-K through 12th grade.  From free preschool programs to partnerships between the high school and community college to a community college branch campus; Webster City has the educational facilities, programs and services to support a lifetime of learning.


There are five pre-schools that offer free preschool programs to all four year olds that live in Webster City, including Asbury Methodist, Riverview Early Childhood Center, St. Paul Lutheran Preschool, St. Thomas Aquinas Preschool and Webster City Day Care.  Three year old preschool is also available at all five centers.

Webster City Schools

Webster City Community School District provides K through 12th grade education programs to more than 1,600 students through four schools in Webster City, including two elementary schools, a middle school and a high school.  

Construction of a new $13 million competition gym was recently completed.  The district employs 254 staff from teachers to transportation specialists.  Below are some key facts about the district:

  • 76% of students in the class of 2010 that took the ACT scored higher than 20
  • Students have an average ACT score of 22.6 (state average is 22.4)
  • 80% of students take college level courses to earn high school credit under a dual credit program
  • 90% of students from 2008 went on to two or four year programs
  • 89% of 2010 graduates indicated they will pursue a two or four year program
  • 94.6% graduation rate
  • 52% of 2010 graduates completed a core program of four years of English and three years or more of Math, Science and Social Studies

Private Schools

St. Thomas Aquinas is a catholic parish and grade school in Webster City offering an educational experience as well as spiritual development.

College and Technical Career Training

Webster City is home to a branch campus of Iowa Central Community College, who also partners with Webster City Community Schools to provide classes that earn high school students college credits before graduation.

Webster City is also located within close proximity to other colleges and career training programs that provide both our future and existing workforces with the skills and training needed to compete globally.  Learn more.