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In Webster City, Iowa, we know the value of time.  That's why our local review and permitting processes are simple and straight-forward.  It's easy for us to offer expedited permitting, because that's how we do business everyday!  

Permitting & Zoning

When comparing us to metro areas and larger cities, Webster City's development review and permitting process is a substantial location advantage.  Our zoning code is short and to the point.  And, our review processes are efficient and timely. 

Plan Review & Permit Issuance

Generally, plan reviews and permits can be issued in a matter of days.  The following are estimated timelines for each type of review/permit.  Timing assumes plans submitted by the applicant are complete.

Site Plan Review

7 to 10 business days

Building, Mechanical, Plumbing & Electrical Plan Review & Permit Issuance

5 to 7 business days

With the exception of using the 2011 National Electric Code, the City uses the 2009 editions of the International Building Code, Mechanical Code, and Plumbing Code.


Webster City has multiple commercial and industrial zones.  The following is a brief summary of the each zone and a partial list of allowed uses.  Please refer to the City's zoning code for more complete information, including any setbacks and height restrictions, or review the city's zoning map to locate specific properties.

C-2 Central Business District

Antique Shop, Auto Parts Store, Car Wash, Bakery, Bank, Bookstore, Clothing or Apparel Store, Dairy Store, Department Store, Drug Store, Dry Cleaning, Eating or Drinking Establishment, Appliance/Electronics Store, Grocery Store, Hotel, Hardware Store, Gymnasium, Bowling Alley, Dance Studio, Jewelry Store, Indoor Recreation Establishment, Laundry, Mail Order Store, Meat Cutting and Processing Plant, Office Supply Store, Pharmacy, Professional Office, Pet Store, Theater, Wholesale Establishment, or other similar use

C-3 Highway Business

Dance Studio, Auditorium or Exhibition Hall, Automotive Service, Automobile Sales, Bowling Alley, Car Wash, Church, Commercial Nursery, Commercial Recreation or Amusement, Discount Department Store, Dry Cleaning, Eating or Drinking Establishment, Furniture and Appliance Store, Garden Supply Store, Motel, Professional Office, Pet Shop, Grocery Store, Vet Clinic, Lumber and Building Materials Store, or other similar use

M-1 Light Industrial

Assembly Plant, Automotive Repair, Storage Warehouse, Cellophane Products Processing, Concrete Mixing and Proportioning Plant, Contractors Equipment Sales & Storage, Dairy Products Processing, Feed Manufacturing, Food Products Manufacturing, General Manufacturing, Ornamental Iron Works, Leather Products Manufacturing, Paper Products Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Drug Manufacturing, Plastics Products Manufacturing, Sheet Metal Shop, Soft Drink Manufacturing or Bottling, Textile Product Manufacturing, Tool Manufacturing, Truck Terminal, Warehousing or Wholesaling, Welding Shop, Wood Products Manufacturing, or other similar use

M-2 Heavy Industrial

Any allowed use in the M-1 zone, plus any use not permitting in the M-1 zone subject to a hearing at the Planning and Zoning Commission and approval by City Council.

City Zoning & Building Contacts

Karla Wetzler, Planning & Zoning Administrator

State Environmental Regulations

The following are links to state agencies, regulatory information, and technical assistance available to both small and large businesses. 

Iowa Small Business Assistance Gateway (Small Business Regulatory Assistance) Iowa Department of Natural Resources (Air Quality, Water Quality, & Hazardous Materials) Contact- Sharon Tahtinen