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CNBC's 2012 Top States for Business ranks Iowa as the #12 overall best state for business and the #5 state with the lowest cost of doing business.
This is supported at a regional level by a recent Wilson Tax and Business Consulting study that found our region has a lower annual cost of doing business than communities in Illinois, Minnesota and South Dakota.  For example, a light manufacturer with 100 employees would realize an annual cost of doing business approximately $350,000 less by locating in Webster City instead of Illinois.  View the report.

Webster City has many business advantages that translate into a competitive advantage for businesses looking to reduce costs and globally compete.


Affordable Workforce

Our laborforce is not just available, its affordable.  Our average county wage is $15.05/hour and our 2011 Laborshed Study found that the wage range to attract upper qualified hourly wage applicants is between $10.00/hour and $15.00/hour.  Based on a survey of existing Webster City companies in 2010, a machine operator in Webster City with minimal experience would make about $9.50/hour and a press operator with some experience would make about $15.00/hour.  Click here to learn more about our workforce advantage.

Insurance Rates

Insurance rates in Iowa are some of the cheapest in the nation, especially when it comes to ensuring vehicles.  Additionally, your company will realize cheaper property insurance rates here than in many small cities, as we have a professional, full-time fire department and some of the lowest crime rates in Iowa.

Utility Costs

Webster City owns and operates water, sewer and electric utilities that serve the city's residents and businesses.  Due to wise investments over the years and an eye on planning for the future, the city has some of the most affordable and stable rates in the State of Iowa.

The City has ample capacity to serve new employers and has the infrastructure in place to serve new development throughout our large greenfield sites.  This is a huge cost savings for your business when looking to develop new facilities. 

Our utility's business development team is here to help your business to run smoother and operate with high efficiencies.  From annual thermography to on-going load management analysis, we can provide you with the tools and resources needed to make wise business decisions that boost your bottom line and your "sustainability."

Learn more about our municipal utilities.

State Business Advantages

  • The lowest new employer unemployment insurance rate in the nation.  The rate for a non-construction business is fixed at 1% for the first three years and approximately 45% of Iowa employers have a zero rate.

  • No personal property tax.

  • No sales and use taxes on manufacturing machinery and equipment.

  • No property tax on new industrial machinery, equipment and computers.

  • Worker's compensation costs 25% less than the national average.