Cost of Living

Cost of Living

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More Community, Less Cost

Webster City is the small city you've always pictured in your dreams.  From the white house with the white picket fence to the playground with families enjoying a Sunday afternoon.  Webster City is a place where parades and community celebrations are still a big thing.  Where you'll find family movies in the park on a Saturday night.  Where industry is thriving and small businesses competes globally. 

Webster City is the place you've always wanted to call home and, with a 2015 cost of living 15% less than the national avereage, its a dream you can afford.  Here's how we compare:
 Cost of Living  Metros Comparison


  Cost of Living Iowa Comparison  Ranking
 National Avg.   100     National Avg.  100
 Webster City  85    Webster City  85
 Indianapolis  90    Sioux City  86
 St. Louis  86    Des Moines  84
 Des Moines  84    Clear Lake  89
 Cincinnati  86    Cedar Rapids  93
 Omaha  87    Decorah  93
 Milwaukee  86    Pella  98
 Sioux Falls  100    Dubuque  95
 Kansas City  94    Ankeny  95
 Houston  89    West Des Moines  97
 Dallas  88    Cedar Falls  95
 Atlanta  94    Ames  97
 Charlotte  93    Mason City  86
 Denver  110    Fort Dodge  84
 Minneapolis  105    Waterloo  85
 Chicago  105    Davenport  88
 Charleston  110      
 San Diego  143      
 Seattle  143