Sewer capacity not an issue in Webster City

Many smaller communities in Iowa are struggling with sewer problems.  Waste Water PlantAccording to this article from The Des Moines Register  smaller towns such as Luther, Mount Union, Rowan and others find themselves with outdated systems, or no systems at all, and are faced with many hurdles in dealing with the situation.

In comparison, WebsterCity has an updated system with excess capacity.  The Webster City Wastewater Treatment Plant has effluent chlorination, dechlorination, and anaerobic sludge digestion. The plant is designed to treat domestic and industrial wastes with a design flow of 3.3-million gallons per day. The current flow is 1.5-million gallons per day, so we have excess capacity of 1.8 million gallons per day!  We also have excess water capacity of approximately 2.6-million gallons per day. 

WebsterCity is perfectly positioned for industries that require waste water capacity!   Please contact Bill Demuth to learn more!  Call 515-822-2330 or email today!