Advanced Manufacturing

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Build Your Bottom Line

Here in Webster City, Iowa we know a lot about building things.  From electric cars and motors to coffee pots and water management systems, our workforce uses the latest technology to build the products of tomorrow.  Join our vibrant manufacturing base and take advantages of the many benefits we can offer.

 Ten Advantages To Manufacturing Here
  1. Iowa's corporate income tax is a single factor, non-unitary tax that is only based on the percentage of sales income within the State of Iowa.  More About Tax Advantages

  2. Iowa has no personal property tax on goods in process, raw materials or saleable goods.

  3. Webster City, Iowa is unique in that it is one of only a few designated Enterprise Zones.  With a minimum qualifying investment, your company could qualify for even greater tax incentives and financial assistance.  More About Incentives

  4. Webster City, Iowa can offer direct financial assistance from a $1.7 million local economic development fund that can be used to leverage State and regional financial assistance programs that support job creation.

  5. Webster City's location on a four lane highway ten minutes from Interstate 35 ensures your company will be close to your supply chain and your customers.  Major metropolitan areas that can be reached in one day or less include: Chicago, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Omaha, and Sioux Falls.  More About Transportation

  6. Our workers compensations rates are 25% below the national average.

  7. Webster City owns its own water, sewer and electric utilities and has ample existing capacity to support growth.  The benefit for you is lower start up costs, more competitive rates, and the convenience of dealing with only one provider. More About Utilities

  8. In Webster City, Iowa you'll find an existing manufacturing cluster that can be used to source parts and services that will help your company stay competitive.  Our manufacturers can perform plastic injection molding, expanded poly styrene, metal stamping, machining, casting, tooling, and value added services including order fulfillment.  Our Leading Employers

  9. As a home to major manufacturers for more than 100 years, Webster City, Iowa has an existing freight, distribution and warehousing cluster.  Our Industry Concentrations

  10. Webster City, Iowa has an available, affordable and highly skilled manufacturing workforce of thousands that is turnkey ready for your business.  Our Workforce