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Fishy Business

In Webster City, Iowa you will find that farming and food production are mainstays.  You'll also find that doing business here has considerable cost advantages.

From hatching eggs to raising turkeys and from processing meats to distributing finished food products nationally and internationally, we have the experience and workforce to grow your aquaculture or aquaponics business.  


Our Advantages

1. Our Workforce.  Webster City has a laborshed with more than 20,000 workers that have transferable skills and experience in food processing.  And its affordable, keeping your cost of doing business down.  The following is a snapshot of wages by occupational code.  The full Labor Characteristics report can be downloaded here.


Occupation Code

Entry Wage

 Median Wage

Farm workers, Farm and Ranch Animals




First-Line Supervisor/Manager Farming, Fishing & Forestry




Helpers--Production Workers




Production Workers, All Other




Butchers and Meat Cutters




Water and Liquid Waste Treatment Plant and System Operators




2. Utility Capacity.  Webster City has the capacity to serve projects of any size with water, sewer and electric utilities.  Additionally, we have competitive rates and our team of experts will work with your business on an on-going basis to continue to evaluate efficiencies that benefit your operations and lower your bottom line.  More about utilities.

3. Simplicity and Time.  Webster City has an available land supply and a favorable regulatory environment that will support the timely development of facilities to be used for aquaculture or aquaponics.  Search available buildings and sites, or contact us.

4. Transportation.  Webster City's location along a four lane highway (Highway 20) and proximity to Interstate 35 (only 15 minutes east) put you within one day by truck of Minneapolis, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Chicago, Omaha, St. Louis, and Sioux Falls.  More about transportation.

 5. Access to Trade.  Webster City has been proposed to be added to a mobile Foreign Trade Zone that will permit businesses here to apply for Foreign Trade Zone status.  We are also served by Canadian National rail who can provide rail access to sea ports in the US and Canada.  Contact us for more information on trade.