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We're Dialed In

Webster City has the workforce, affordable building space and telecommunications infrastructure your expansion can rely upon. 


Workforce Characteristics

Webster City has more than 19,000 workers in our laborshed with transferable skills and experience in occupations employed by call centers.  And within this workforce, 7.4% are unemployed, 11.7% are voluntarily unemployed/retired and 27% of those employed are willing to change employment.  Get the Labor Characteristics Report


Webster City has multiple telecommunications providers serving our community including: Century Link, Woolstock Mutual, Windstream, Verizon, and Mediacom.  These providers are able to offer data speeds ranging from 5 mbps to 25 mbps or greater. Contact us for more details

Affordable Building Spaces

In Webster City you'll find quiet, affordable spaces to lease for your business. Typical lease rates range between $6 and $9 per square foot per year triple net.