Food Production

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Feeding the World

Welcome Home. Your business is invited to expand in Webster City, Iowa.  Here you will find that farming and food production are mainstays. You'll also find that doing business here has considerable cost advantages.


Key Advantages

1. Utility Capacity. Webster City has the capacity to serve projects of any size with water, sewer and electric utilities.  For example, we've got capacity to supply up to 2 million gallons of water per day.  Additionally, we have competitive rates and our team of experts will work with your business on an on-going basis to continuously evaluate efficiencies that benefit your operations and lower your bottom line. More about utilities.

2. Access to Raw Material. Within a 100 mile radius you'll find 94 food processing companies with two in Webster City, with a total of nearly 400 employees.

3. Simplicity and Timeliness. Webster City has an available land supply and a favorable regulatory environment that will support the timely development of facilities to be used for food production and distribution.  And because of our central location and proximity to larger communities, you'll have access to general contractors that can build big projects. Available properties contact us.

4. Transportation. Webster City is located on a four lane highway (Highway 20) and proximity to Interstate 35 (only 15 minutes away) put you within one day by truck of Minneapolis, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Chicago, Omaha, St. Louis, and Sioux Falls. Lean more about transportation.


Next Steps

We're ready to assist your business in locating in Webster City.  Get your project started today.