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Webster City, located in Hamilton county Iowa, is aggressively seeking jobs that pay a living wage and provide medical benefits.  The area has incentive tools in place to push a project over the top and leverage regional, state, and federal.  Webster City has significant excess water, sewer, and electric capacity, city owned facilities and  land with all utilities, Interstate 35 access as well as cash incentives for qualified new jobs. Let's talk for a few minutes and decide if we should continue the conversation.  
Enterprise Zones Fact Sheet
Iowa's Business Advantages
Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Loan Program

Local Assistance

Webster City is flexible in how we can structure a deal.  Whether you need direct financial assistance, a loan guarantee, tax credits or specialized utility rates, we can tailor a package that fits your business needs.  Our offerings include:

  • Job creation and retention incentives

  • Grants

  • Tax Increment Financing (TIF)

  • Property tax abatement

  • Federally tax exempt bonds

  • Loan guarantees

  • Capital Investments

  • Job training funds

  • Low to no interest loans

  • Forgivable loans

  • Land Grants

  • Build to Suit/lease back arrangements

  • Waived utility fees/reduced utility costs

Our team is ready to help you solve financial challenges by helping you identify, apply for and speed up the acceptance process for the financial assistance you need.  Contact us today to start the process.  

Enterprise Zone

Webster City is located in an Enterprise Zone.  Businesses investing more than $500,000 and creating 10 or more benefit-qualifying jobs may qualify for added financial incentives.  An Enterprise Zone qualified project may receive:

  • Up to a 100% property tax exemption for up to 10 years

  • Additional funding for new job training

  • Refund of state sales, service or use taxes paid to contractors during construction

  • Refund of state sales, service or use taxes paid on shelving racks and conveyor equipment

  • Up to 10% in investment tax credits

Iowa Business Advantages

The State of Iowa offers many business advantages, including:

  • No personal property tax

  • 1% unemployment insurance rate for the first three years

  • No sales and use taxes on manufacturing machinery and equipment

  • No property tax on new industrial machinery, equipment and computers

  • A research tax credit of up to 6.5% of the company's allotted share of qualifying research

Iowa Tax Credits

Iowa has numerous tax credits and incentives for qualifying businesses.  These includes:

  • A corporate tax credit for new jobs created

  • Research activities tax credit

  • Investor tax credits

  • Assistive device tax credit

  • Brownfield/Gray-field tax credit

State Financial Assistance

Iowa also offers financial assistance programs, typically in the form of grants, loans or support for technical assistance.  These assistance programs generally fall under the Grow Iowa Values Fund (GIVF) and are used to support businesses relocating to Iowa or expanding within Iowa.  

Other Assistance Programs

Webster City can help you access federal programs and direct financial assistance offered by local and regional economic development entities.  Some of these programs include:

  • USDA Business and Industry Loan Guarantees

  • USDA Rural Economic Development Loans and Grants (REDLG)

  • Power Cooperative Revolving Loan Funds

  • MIDAS Council of Governments Revolving Loan Fund

  • Webster City Area Development Revolving Loan Fund

  • Hamilton County Revolving Loan Fund

Do I Qualify?

To find out if you qualify for any of the above programs or credits, or to request additional information, please contact our team