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From hatching rare breed chicks to manufacturing the components for water management systems at the cutting edge of green technology, Webster City companies are building high-quality products and a solid industry foundation that has global reach. 

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Advanced Manufacturing

A skilled, experienced manufacturing workforce, available buildings, a strategic location for sourcing parts and multiple options for transporting products makes Webster City a perfect location for advanced manufacturing companies.  It's no wonder industry leaders like Vantec, Inc., Van Diest Supply Company, and Tasler, Inc. choose to locate here.

Value Added Agriculture & Food Processing

Join industry leaders like Murray McMurray Hatchery, Webster City Custom Meats, Mary Ann's Specialty Foods and Van Diest Supply Company as they innovate and grow in Webster City.  Our workforce is experienced, our employers are thriving, and our industries have a long history of success.

Green Technology & Alternative Energy

Home to one of the world's largest wind farms, a cutting-edge manufacturer of electric parts and a manufacturer of water conservation components, Webster City is quickly building its green technology workforce and reputation.  From MidAmerican Energy Co., just outside the city limits, to Vantec, Inc., sustainable companies are thriving in Webster City.  Build your business and the future here.

Warehousing & Distribution

Webster City gives you easy access to major highways that connect to key metros throughout the nation and 130,000 miles of freight transportation routes.  This, combined with access to multiple commercial airports, make Webster City a strategic location for warehousing and distribution.  We're only 75 miles north of the I-80/I-35 connection and within one day or less by truck of Des Moines, Omaha, Minneapolis, Chicago and more.

Join Webster City Custom Meats, Vantec, Inc. and Van Diest Supply Company as they supply high-quality products to companies throughout the United States and the world.

Build Your Business in Webster City

"The top notch people of Webster City help set business apart from others, enabling success."  Joel Peterson, Peterson Construction.

To learn more about how your business can thrive in Webster City, contact our team.  We're here to help you succeed!

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"An entreprenurial spirit and the strong Midwestern work ethic are the decisive factors that make Webster City a great place for business." Sherri Hotzler, Vantec, Inc.