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Space to Create and Grow

Normally, you wouldn't think of a rural community as the perfect opportunity for your small or start-up technology based company.  But, there's something unique about what Webster City, Iowa can offer a company like yours.  Though we are a small community, we have lots of activities and entertainment, as well as the amenities to support an active lifestyle, including recreational experiences and an arts and culture scene.


What Else You'll Find Here

1. High Speed Networks.  Webster City has the communications infrastructure to support the high speed data needs of technology driven companies.  We have multiple telecommunications providers serving our community (Century Link, Woolstock Mutual, Windstream, Verizon, Mediacom) and we can offer access to a municipal fiber optic loop (60 pr).  Existing data speeds available range from 5 mbps to 24 mbps with higher speeds available on a project by project basis. 

2. Redundancy.  Because we are served by multiple communications providers, Webster City has fiber redundancy available in several locations.  Additionally, the City's electric utility supplies power from three separate transmission sources and three looped substations, making our power highly reliable and your business protected from unnecessary downtime and interruption.

3. Access to Emerging Talent.  Access to students graduating from two and four year degreed programs in computers, technology and web graphics.  For example, Webster City is home to a branch campus of Iowa Central Community College, whose programs in Computer Networking Technology, Graphics Technology and Web Technology are currently enrolled with 57, 45, and 17 students respectively.  There are 25 students graduating from these programs in the 2011-2012 school year.  We're also within 45 minutes of Iowa State University in Ames, which offers a number of four year technology and computer degrees. 

4. Affordable Spaces.  In Webster City you'll find quiet, affordable spaces to lease.  Typical lease rates range between $6 and $9 per square foot per year triple net.  And, there are spaces that exist where a co-office location could be created if a number of smaller companies desire to collaborate and cost-share.  

5. Urban-esque amenities.  We may be a small town, but we always have a full calendar of activities.  Learn more about living in Webster City.  Here are just a few of the amenities and activities we offer the younger professional:

  • Movie Theater
  • Community Theater
  • Local coffee and tea shop
  • WiFi available in several restaurants and small businesses
  • A fully endowed, free public library
  • 11 parks and 2 golf courses with annual passes starting around $500
  • Over 7 miles of walking and biking trails, including 5.7 miles of trails along the scenic Boone River
  • Fuller Hall Recreation Center, a partially endowed indoor recreation facility with annual memberships starting at $160 (for a single adult)
  • A vibrant local, seasonal farmers market
  • Two sports bars
  • Numerous annual community events community events including: Boone Bash River Dash and Adventure Race (part of the Iowa Games), Sculpture in Boone River Contest, and Ladies Night Out.

6. Financial Incentives.  Webster City offers financial incentives for new businesses that create jobs.  This includes a new Micro Enterprise Loan Program, offering low interest loans to qualified small businesses and start-ups in a high technology field.  Contact us for more information